Show #21: Goal Setting vs Goal Achieving

With: Deryl Sweeney

Topic: Goal Setting vs Goal Achieving

2021 keeps getting closer. If you’re anything like me, you have mixed feelings. While I’m thrilled to put the weird year that is 2020 in the rear-view mirror, I could use some more time to nail down next year’s plan.

As I began some great opportunities into a plan last week, I found myself asking, “What will best set me up for a successful 2021?”

In that moment I realized where me and so many others fall short with our planning, New Years resolutions and goal setting.

We spend too much time setting the perfect goals without digging into what will truly set us up to accomplish them!

Far too often, thinking about the upcoming year becomes an exercise in building the perfect list of smart goals. There’s too much focus on the what and not enough on the how.

January 1 comes and we know that we want to grow revenue, drive more leads, hire the right team and take our businesses and lives to the next level. We have the perfect list of what we want to do, but only vague thoughts on how best to do it.

There’s a better way. By focusing on goal achievement, you’ll give yourself the best shot at turning your list of 2021 goals into a list of 2021 accomplishments. In this video I’ll give you three things you can do this week to shore up HOW you’ll make 2021 a winning year!

Of course coaching is on that list!

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