Show #17: Duct Tape Strategy

I love sports and I’m a passionate fan. Sunday night I was finally able to see it all come together for my New Orleans Saints as they crushed Tom Brady and the Buccaneers 38-3. It was incredible!

As of this recording, the Saints sit at 6-2 and are in first place in their division. As excited as I am, this isn’t a topic about sports, but rather what we can learn from sports.

The Saints season has unfolded in ways that no coach could have predicted. Until last night, they were missing many of their top players due to injury, Covid and more. Last week, they added guys to the roster just days before the game in order to have enough wide receivers.

Nobody would have questioned them if they had lost games and were sitting in last place.

But they aren’t!

Instead, they built new creative game plans every week that allowed them to win games until their best players returned. Rather than focusing on what was missing, they chose to focus on what assets were available and how best to utilize each one of them. That choice has the Saints sitting in first place with their goal of winning the Super Bowl clearly in reach.

Are you ever in a situations where you know what you want to accomplish, but feel like you don’t have the resources you need to win? I know I do.

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