Show #14 - Getting Back On Track

If you’ve been waiting for a sign that it’s time to get back on track, you might consider this that sign.

Whether personal or professional, something came to mind before you even finished reading that first sentence. There is something you’ve been wanting to get back to doing for a while now, but you simply haven’t done it.

How do I know? Because it happens to me too

I’ve been running so hard building my coaching business that I’ve let some of my healthier habits slip. I’m staying up later which has led to missing workouts and falling off of my nutrition plan.

It’s definitely time to get back on track and I took the the first step towards that over the weekend. I planned what “on track” looks like, and then executed that plan on Monday morning.

Where in your business or life do you need to get back on track?

Whether it was Covid, a key loss or a lack of focus that has you off your game, there is no better time than the present to make a decision and rebuild the habits that best serve you.

In this show, we’ll talk about taking practical steps to go from off track to back in the flow. Trust me, it feels good to be back!

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