Show #13 - Marketing Strategy vs Tactics & How Companies Get It Wrong

With: Deryl Sweeney

Topic: Marketing Strategy vs Tactics & How Companies Get It Wrong​

Lots of you know that I owned a marketing company before becoming a coach. Each week, I’d talk to entrepreneurs, managers and marketers trying to solve a diverse set of marketing challenges.

Without ever saying it directly, they were usually asking me for the silver bullet that would turn consumers that had never heard of them into life-long customers who loved them forever.

They asked me about social media marketing, IP Targeting, Google Adwords, content marketing and all kinds of other tactics. Want to know what very few ever asked about?


Marketing strategy refers to a business’s overall game plan for getting in front of their target audience and turning them into customers. Tactics are the tools and actions that are combined to achieve that game plan.

In this week’s Live Show, I dig into why marketing conversations for any business should start with strategy, not tactics. If marketing is a top priority for your team right now, this video is for you!

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