Show #10: Game Changing Consistency

With: Deryl Sweeney

Topic: Consistency Is The Game Changer

Last week was a good week for my business. I landed a new client, received personal referrals to three more, made progress toward launching my One Month, One Goal course and laid the foundation for a new partnership.

I’m gaining momentum each and every week. When I reflect on what’s going so right, one thing stands above all else.


And I laugh a little because the answer has always been so obvious. Consistency has been the key to so much of the progress I’m experiencing with my health, my marriage, in cycling and everywhere else. Of course it would apply in business too.

Where in your business could being more consistent drive results that move the needle for you?

In this video, I dig deeper into why I’d rather be consistent than perfect. Sounds weird I know. I’ll share how applying this one principle has helped me, and so many of the people I work with.

Download the PDF: Five Keys To Game Changing Consistency

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