Show #09: How Great Leaders Combat Zoom Fatigue

With: Deryl Sweeney

Topic: Overlooked Attribute Of Great Leaders

I’m writing this coming off of spending three straight, ten-hour days in a virtual classroom. As excited as I was to add new skills and tools that would bring value to my clients, I had been dreading the idea of being in front of a computer for 30 hours in a Zoom meeting for months.

And don’t judge. I bet you would have dreaded it too. Most of us are Zoomed out. We know virtual meetings as necessary, but cringe at the thought of hitting another “Connect to Computer Audio” button.

What if it doesn’t have to be that way?

As I sit here on the other side of those 30 hours, a few things stand out.

I was right about the value of what I learned and the impact it will have on clients. I couldn’t have been more wrong thinking that a 30-hour Zoom training had to be dreadful.


I’ve never felt a more genuine sense of connection, energy and excitement shared with people from all over the country through a computer. If they can pull it off with strangers, you can do it with teams that already know each other.

In reflecting on what was so different, it made me realize it’s not a Zoom issue at all. It’s the leaders running meetings that are creating the fatigue. It’s the teams using technology in 2020 the same way they used conference rooms in 2019.

In this week’s Live Show, I talk about ways to combat Zoom fatigue in your business while inspiring your team to be happier, more productive, show up with more energy and actually look forward to the next meeting. Even if it’s virtual.


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