Show #08: What Are You Selling, Really

I meet so many of you that don’t know what you sell. And it’s costing you money. It’s standing in the way of you closing deals, bringing on new clients and scaling your business faster.

Your natural reaction may be that I’m crazy. Of course you know what you sell. When I challenge friends, clients & people I meet on this… most don’t.

Think about your shower. When it’s time to buy a new shower head, there are some great companies out there that make them. I’ve done a lot of work with one of them, Delta Faucet. So what do they sell?

You’re probably thinking shower heads. Makes sense.

Or do they sell transformational spaces? The kinds of spaces that take you from dirty to clean; tense to relaxed; sleepy to awake?

In this week’s show we’ll talk about how to get to the heart of what your company is really selling and how in doing so, you’ll close more deals, grow faster and be more successful across the board.

Download the PDF: Four Steps to Figuring Out What You’re Really Selling

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