Show #07: Firm-Yet-Flexible, A Difference Maker

I love watching my boys play soccer. This weekend I walked toward the field ready to watch my 3-year-old’s first game.

There were players, 50+ parents, siblings & other spectators on one sideline. It was me & a sideline full of grass on the other. Before my chair was fully unfolded, a teenager sporting a red “staff” shirt told me that I had to move to the other sideline with everybody else.

After an are-you-kidding-me glance, she told me that there was nothing she could do as it was their policy to have all spectators on one side.

That interaction, & the policy that drove it, serves as the perfect example of what happens when organizations have firm policies devoid of flexibility. When combined with a lack of employee empowerment, you’re left with poor service, high risk & frustration from internal & external stakeholders.

In this video, I’ll break down what went wrong, how they could have avoided it & what you can take take away from the experience.

Download the PDF: Five Powerful & Easy Ways To Empower Your Team

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