Show #05: When Enough is Really Enough

Can we be real for a minute?

Frustration never feels good. Feeling like you’re not good enough or incapable of building the business and life that you envision for yourself hurts.

If we’re being honest, we all feel these feelings from time to time.

Maybe you’re feeling them today. Maybe you’re asking yourself questions like, “When will I be successful? What more do I need to do? Why can’t I catch a break? When does this get better?”

Ironically, the answer to all of these questions is the same. When you decide to make it so. Your business, or your life for that matter, won’t change until you change it.

Change is hard. Change demands commitment. Lasting change starts with answering the question, “Is enough really enough?”

In this video, I’ll share three steps you can take when you’ve had enough. My hope is that this helps you take a step forward into the business and life that YOU really want!

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