Show #01: Why Coaching - For Me & For You

With: Deryl Sweeney

Topic: Why Coaching - For You & For Me

You’ve probably seen my announcement that I’ve launched a coaching business where I help entrepreneurs and high-performance professionals build the life and business they really want!

Since I first announced, I’ve received a lot of congratulations… and a lot of questions. The two I most often get are, “Why did you decide to become a coach?” and “Do you think coaching could help me?”

If you are a fan of Simon Sinek like I am, you probably share the belief that the “why” sits at the core of anything worth doing. In my inaugural Live Show, I’ll share the “why” behind my jump into coaching after spending the last 19 years building successful businesses and a life that I love. You’ll find out why I call coaching, “The best gift I’ve ever given myself.”

We’ll also discuss why coaching might make sense for you as you chase the business and life you’ve always wanted. I’m excited to share so much of what I’ve seen, learned and experienced as I commit to helping you on your own journey.

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