With: Deryl Sweeney

Topic: Forgotten Fun

As I prepared to deliver a newly prepared talk at a recent conference, my wife sent me a simple two-word text that changed things for me in an instant.

“Have Fun”

It’s easy for us to forget to create fun at work, and who can blame us. We fill our days with back-to-back meetings, client deliverables, sales opportunities and more. Fun can feel like a low-priority objective and wholly separate from achieving the business goals we’re chasing.

I’m not so sure. That text message invited me to relax, let go of all of the extra thinking I had around doing a good job and have a good time with the audience. It helped me reconnect to the speaker and coach that I naturally am and to deliver a transformational talk.

I bet there are benefits to you bringing more fun into your work as well. Check out this week’s video to explore what might be waiting for you when you remember to bring the fun.

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