With: Deryl Sweeney

Topic: Showing Up Empty

Watching Ankush lead and facilitate our Men’s Immersion felt like watching a magician who leaves you wondering what in the world just happened!

I’ve led a lot of meetings, retreats, events and groups throughout my career. I obsess over the agenda, the activities and the content. I want to make sure that everything I’ve chosen fits so well that it would be impossible for things to go awry.

What about you? How much planning goes into your meetings? How much control do you build into your agendas?

It takes me hours, if not days, depending on what I’m preparing for. And then when the room fills, I do all that I can to keep things on schedule.

“Let’s go ahead and wrap this up so we can move on.”
“Why won’t this guy stop talking?”
“Back from break in 5 minutes!”

I not only stuff agendas, but I overstuff them. Since returning from England, my facilitation has been a lot different. Watching my coach show up empty and trust himself enough to guide the group exactly where we needed to go was masterful. I’m now learning how to let the genius of the room emerge, and in doing so I’m seeing the true brilliance in the groups I’m leading.

So what about you? Are you overstuffing agendas, and stifling creativity along the way? How might showing up a little more empty benefit the people you’re serving, and you?

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