With: Deryl Sweeney

Topic: Who's Got Your Back

No really. Who is it that you can count on to pick you up when the going gets tough?

I used to make statements like, “You don’t make real friends as an adult” and “It’s tough to find people you can really trust.”

Neither is true, although both can certainly feel true. But the longer we hold onto thinking like this, the lonelier our journeys become. It’s time to let it go and tap into the abundance of support around us.

When I thought about how best to begin sharing insights from my England trip, the story of how I got there felt like a natural place to start. My wife, Meredith, plays a starring role in that story.

Her support in me has been steadfast, even if it took me ten years to fully see it. When I did, things changed quickly.

Where is the support for you that you’re not seeing? And what’s possible for you when you do? If you’re feeling alone, burdened or unsure… it’s time to add a little support to your story. Whether you recognize what’s already there or create it, now’s the time. This week’s video tells you how to do just that!

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