With: Deryl Sweeney

Topic: Episode 62: What I Learned From 10 Days in England

Many of you know that I went to England as one of 13 men committed to spend an entire week slowing down, digging deeper into how our minds work and confronting our own stuff.

Everyone’s asking the same questions since I’ve returned. How was it? What did you do? What did you learn?

The short answer is that it was everything I hoped it would be and so much more. I spent seven days with men from all over the world committed to doing the work to be better for our families, our businesses, our clients and ourselves.

I know that things shifted for me in my time abroad, and that these shifts are still sinking in. I’ve found it difficult to describe what happened over there… but every time I try, my understanding deepens. Since you are an important part of my life, I’ll use this space to try again.

I want to deeply share the insights that I’ve learned, but that would turn this email into a book. For now, I’ll hit the highlights and plan on going deeper into individual topics in future emails and videos. The gifts from this trip are not just mine, but all of ours. I’m excited to share them freely because I know what I learned will be impactful for you and for me. It’s worth taking our time.

The Highlights

– I’ve often worked with clients on increasing their effectiveness by slowing down. It’s always made sense intellectually. Last week, I experienced slowing down like never before. Now, conversations will come from a place of deeply knowing the value in it. We slowed down in a number of ways that are available to us right here in our day-to-day lives. No need to cross an ocean!

– I felt the growth that happens when other men share their “deep, dark sh*t.” In their doing so, I was able to confront my own and am better equipped to help my clients confront theirs.

– I witnessed the freedom that comes with seeing the difference between playing the game of life and living life. Remembering that I get to choose the games and how they’re played is going to change everything for me. I’ve shared this idea with a few clients already and the impact seems immediate!

– I saw what happens in me and for me when I drop the need to show how smart or capable or friendly or qualified I am.

– I was reminded that regardless of what we see on TV or social media, there is more that connects us than can ever separate us. Showing up as strangers from all over the world and leaving as brothers who can’t help but see the absolute genius in one another has been a gift.

– I saw me in a way that I’ve never seen myself before, and now I can’t unsee it. A transformative moment unfolded for me on day 6 and I’m excited to share it.

If something comes up for you while reading through the highlights, I encourage you to explore it. If you want a partner for that exploration or if you’re curious about my experience, reply to this email and let’s chat.

Those seven days shifted things in me… and the wild thing is that it hasn’t fully sunk in just yet. I’m thankful to my coach, Ankush Jain, and for the men who went on this journey with me.

And I’m thankful for you who are reading this because it means that you’re on the journey with me. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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