With: Deryl Sweeney

Topic: Choosing Serving Over Pleasing

We’ve all heard the phrase, “The Customer is Always Right.”

While I understand the concept, I’ve found the idea falls apart pretty quickly in my business. Probably in yours too.

To believe this kind of thought calls us to make sure our clients feel good and happy in every moment they spend with us. It usually leaves us feeling pretty good too. But is it the best way to powerfully serve the people who hire us?

Not always! Sometimes we’re called to choose serving over pleasing in order to fully honor the commitment we’ve made to our clients. It doesn’t always feel good… for them or for us, but it might just change everything… for them and for us.

In this week’s video, I share a story that highlights the impact of powerfully serving a current client of mine instead of simply pleasing them. I’m confident there’s something in this story that you can take away and apply to how you show up in your own business this week!

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