Episode 33: The Courage to Change

With: Deryl Sweeney

Topic: The Courage to Change

You’ve probably heard of author James Clear and his New York Times Bestseller Atomic Habits. But have you heard of Passive Panda? I hadn’t either until recently.

Passive Panda was a blog focused on creating passive income where Clear built an audience of over 25,000 subscribers. Readers loved it, and the success created a full-time income for Clear.

And then he turned it off!

He had built a successful business that wasn’t fulfilling or all that interesting to him. The more he reflected on his future, the more confident he became that this wasn’t it. So he stopped.

This is where the courage to change showed up in James Clear’s story and set him on an entirely different trajectory. Let’s talk about where it’s waiting to show up in yours!

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