Episode 25: ONE WORD That Just Might Change Everything

With: Deryl Sweeney

Topic: ONE WORD That Just Might Change Everything

Being only a couple of days from January 1, chances are that you’d already put some real thought into your approach to the new year. Maybe it was in the form of resolutions, strategic planning, goals or something else.

For me, I take a One Word approach.

My word for 2020 is TRANSFORM. This is a year where I’m ready to take the next step in a lot of areas. I’m ready to transform my body, my habits, my discipline and dig deep into mindset work. I have plans in place to transform this coaching business, my relationships and myself. None of those things are in a bad place, but I’m excited to keep going.

Check out this video to dig deeper into One Word and talk about how to set yourself up for an incredible 2021!

Download the Guide mentioned in the video: One Word TLDR

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