About me

Deryl Sweeney is a Professional Coach focused on helping entrepreneurs and high performance professionals build the businesses and the lives that they really want.

Deryl has launched and scaled multiple businesses, raised millions of dollars as a co-founder of a grass-roots charity raising money to cure cystic fibrosis and developed marketing tactics and strategies for clients nationwide. He coaches and mentors entrepreneurs, executives, founders, students, soccer players and everyday people on their businesses, careers and lives.

Deryl Sweeney - Life Coach

When You're In Concert

When our personal lives and our professional lives are at odds with one another, it's impossible to truly thrive. But when they're both working in concert, your business, your relationships and everything else in your life can reach new heights.

Deryl Sweeney

The Work I Do

I’ve chased success my entire life. What I didn’t realize when I first began was that the early success I was chasing was either incomplete or someone else’s. Incomplete in that I launched my first business one year after graduating college and spent the next decade throwing everything I had at growing my company. I was working 100 hours each week, running one of Louisville’s fastest growing businesses and leading an incredible team. I was achieving a lot of what I set out to do professionally, but there wasn’t much to be proud of anywhere else in my life.

Someone else’s in that it wasn’t until I closed a business after two incredibly tough years that I paused long enough to ask myself what I really wanted out of work and life. I fought so hard to scale more, grow more and sell more that I never asked myself why I wanted all of those things. I just thought that’s what business owners were supposed to want, so I chased a definition of success that was never really mine.

Those two realizations led me to years of doing the deep inner work to develop a vision for my work and my life that are 100% mine. I truly love what I have and what I’m doing. I’m achieving as many professional goals as I ever have and living a life of intentionality that I designed to support what I really want.

These days, I spend my time helping entrepreneurs and high-performing professionals do the exact same things in their own lives. Partnering with me as their coach, we work on building the businesses and the lives they really want. My clients own companies, lead divisions, develop products, bring ideas to life and take risks. Despite all of their wins, there is usually a place where they feel stuck. We get to work in those places. Their passion and ambition inspires me. Their pursuit of greatness at work and at home drives the work that I do.

The Life I Live

Love what you have.

The Life I Live

When I’m not coaching, you’ll usually find me having epic nerf battles or tag-team wrestling matches with my two young boys. My oldest son was born with cystic fibrosis, a life-shortening lung disease, which led my wife and I to found Cure CF with a couple other families. Our charity focuses on raising money to support the research that will save his life. To date, we’ve raised over one million dollars and the drug pipeline is looking incredibly promising.

When I have some time to myself and I’m feeling active, I enjoy cycling around Louisville or working out. On lighter days you’ll find me reading or watching my favorite teams win games. Being a New Orleans native, I follow the Saints & Hornets. Locally, I love my Louisville Cardinals.

The Life I Live