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Finally! A Step-by-Step Approach to Accomplishing Your Most Important Goals.

Warning! Don't Go Back to the Same Old, Day-to-Day Grind Without Reading This First!

Success demands singleness of purpose. It is those who concentrate at but one thing at a time who advance in the world.

Gary Keller



We’ve all heard it. The same advice is doled out over coffee, on podcasts, in books and from conference stages all over the world. Spend more time working ON your business instead of IN your business.

Deep down, we all know it’s true. Those professionals who successfully focus on goals that drive their businesses and teams forward stand above the competition. They launch new products and create additional revenue streams. They build new partnerships and get in front of new audiences. They spend their time working on the business, and as a result they grow, they scale and they win.

Maybe you find yourself in another group who dreams about winning, but instead spends your ​time mired in the day-to-day. You’re buried in email, micromanaging and always putting out the next fire. Things that can really move your business or your team forward sit idle on the back burner as you quietly whisper to yourself, “Maybe tomorrow.”

Two foundational keys that change everything YOU + FOCUS

The only thing separating you from being in the first group instead of the second is you.

It’s time you commit to getting out of the day-to-day activities that are standing in the way of achieving goals that will take your business, team or career to the next level. It means getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks and deciding to invest in a big future.

​Once you’re committed, it’s time to unlock the power of focus.

​In preparing for this course, I sought out entrepreneurs and professionals who are constantly achieving their goals. Going into it, I would have assumed that I would be talking to people putting in 70-hour work weeks, holding advanced degrees and sitting on a ton of resources. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

​There aren’t many differences between the leaders that are consistently hitting their goals from the ones who aren’t. Often it came down to one’s ability to focus on and achieve big goals that drove results.

​I wanted to find a way to help more business owners and professionals do just that.

Introducing One Month, One Goal - A Results Course

one month one goal course

One Month, One Goal is a brand new, all-inclusive 30-day course designed to help you achieve an important goal that moves your business forward.

It’s time to pull your goals off of the back burner and make them front and center. It’s time to recommit yourself to the vision you have for your business and take success to the next level. It’s time.

​I know what you’re thinking. Sounds great, but all of my day-to-day responsibilities still need doing. I thought about that too.

​I’ve designed this course to help you choose ONE GOAL to focus on over the next 30 days. By bringing a laser-like focus to a single goal, you’ll take significant steps forward in your business. You’ll tackle goals that have been sitting idle for far too long.

Goals like:

One Month, One Goal is Now Open

​With everything inside of me, I believe that it can help you reach yours.

one month one goal life course

How it works

One Month, One Goal is a powerful set of twelve lessons delivered over thirty days. Each lesson will be delivered via email, with an accompanying video and lesson plan. Along with the content, there will be action items for you to complete that will move you closer to achieving your one goal.

​Because I know your goal is unique, I want to offer my support. I’m available to engage with you via email throughout the course and want to connect during a one-on-one phone call. You aren’t in this alone! Think of each of the twelve lessons as a mini-coaching session designed to help you uncover insights and act powerfully. Each lesson will build on the last and deliver strategies that support you in moving forward.

​This course is designed not only to help you identify a goal that will help you reach new heights, but also to achieve it! It’s built on a tried-and-true methodology that has helped me and the clients I serve continuously reach our goals.

About Deryl Sweeney

Deryl Sweeney is a Professional Coach focused on helping entrepreneurs and high performance professionals build the businesses and the lives that they really want.

​For the last 20 years he’s launched and scaled multiple businesses, helped raise millions of dollars as a co-founder of a grass-roots charity raising money to cure cystic fibrosis and developed marketing tactics and strategies for clients nationwide. He coaches and mentors entrepreneurs, executives, founders, students, soccer players and everyday people on their businesses, careers and lives.

​Deryl has also spent his life relentlessly chasing and achieving personal and professional goals. He’s deeply committed to “doing the work” to live his best life at work and at home, build a coaching business that helps others do the same and share the lessons and insight that he’s learned throughout his own journey. Deryl lives with his wife Meredith and two young sons in Louisville, KY.

One Month One Goal by Deryl Sweeney